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About global application

In the past business years, we have delivered services to a number of IT and design companies.

At this age of technological advancement, there are cases in which it becomes possible to attain visas that are not easily obtained on an individual application.

It also gives leverage in combining global talent and offshore outsourcing.

How to proceed until the trip


After hearing the details of the client's industry, we meet with the client to find out what kind of human resources the company is looking for.

We provide resumes of suitable candidates from our database of suitable visa types.


Conduct an interview with human resources.
Interviews can be conducted by video call or onsite.

After the decision is made, we will ask about the need for Japanese language education, etc. and prepare a schedule for the trip.


We will support you with the documents necessary for visa application, etc.

We also provide support when accepting overseas personnel, support for the person after starting work, and translation of internal documents.

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